The Olde Gristmill

Velvet's Ye Olde Mill

If you ever find yourself in Columbus, Ohio, head east and make a right hand turn at Utica. About a mile up the road, you’ll find the Velvet Ice Cream Company. Yes, Velvet’s ice cream is quite good, but that isn’t the reason you make this trip.

Velvet Ice Cream’s headquarters is the total ice cream experience. For starters, the Olde Mill featured on Velvet’s packaging actually exists. It’s the first thing you see as you pull up to the property. It’s a restored 1800’s gristmill and houses the Ohio Ice Cream Museum, a Museum of Milling, an old-time ice cream parlor, and a restaurant.

Part of Velvet's factory tour

I headed straight for the factory tour where I saw Velvet’s method for producing their 60 different flavors. I never tire of watching ice cream being made.

When your visit to Velvet is over, head back to Utica for a little history. At Velvet, I learned about this area’s connection with the Underground Railroad. At Utica, you can visit the brand new Underground Railroad and Black History Museum. Housed in an actual stop on the Underground Railroad, this museum has exhibits, artifacts, a secret passageway and hidden compartments.

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