Trivia Contest

I have a new contest for you. The answer is in a past blog. Since I’ve only been blogging for a little while, you don’t have much work ahead of you.

Which Norfolk, Virginia restaurant claims to be the home of the inventor of the ice cream cone? The first person to name the restaurant and the inventor wins one of my Uncle Harry’s Logo Caps. Please give your answer in the comment section below.

The very stylish Uncle Harry's Logo Cap.

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4 Responses to Trivia Contest

  1. Caroline Altman says:


    inventor was Abe Doumar

  2. Jeff Eaton says:

    Doumars, Abe Doumar

    • Uncle Harry says:

      You had the correct answer but I’m sorry to say that someone else won this trivia contest since their reply was submitted before yours. Be on the lookout for our next trivia contest and thanks for participating in my first trivia contest.
      Have a GREAT Day and thanks again for supporting Uncle Harry’s brand,
      Uncle Harry

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