The Boston (Detroit) Cooler

A Vernors Boston Cooler

One thing you don’t want to happen on a summer road trip is for the AC in your vehicle to go out. This is especially true with temperatures in the nineties and high humidity. That’s what happened to me as I left Columbus, Ohio for Detroit.

Sticky doesn’t begin to describe my condition as I entered the Motor City. I was on a quest for a Boston Cooler, a Detroit concoction of ginger ale and vanilla ice cream. The drink gets its name from Detroit’s Boston Boulevard where the inventor, Fred Sanders, had his shop in the late 1800s.

The Chocolate Bar Cafe

I found my very refreshing Boston Cooler at the Chocolate Bar Café in Grosse Pointe Woods just as I was at my muggiest. Happily, The Chocolate Bar Café uses Vernors ginger ale in their Boston Coolers. Using anything else borders on blasphemy.

Completely refreshed, I left The Chocolate Bar Cafe to get my AC fixed. I’m wondering if I can find a mechanic in the Detroit area who knows a thing or two about American vehicles.

A SIDE NOTE. Discovered Sanders while in Detroit. Delicious toppings for ice cream.  Also wanted to try Featherbowling while in Detroit. Apparently, it helps to make reservations around a year in advance. Maybe next summer.

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One Response to The Boston (Detroit) Cooler

  1. Detroit Rick says:

    Using anything other than Vernors golden ginger-ale, aged in oak barrels moves past blasphemy Uncle Harry…it is downright heretical! Glad you discovered the true fountain of youth!

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