Happy Trails

Bishop’s Homemade Ice Cream is just one of the many ice cream parlors featured on New Hampshire’s Ice Cream Trail.

We’re fast approaching the halfway point of National Ice Cream Month. If you haven’t celebrated the greatest month of the year just yet, there’s still time.

A wonderfully unique way to mark National Ice Cream Month is to go on a ice cream road trip. The east coast features three ice cream trails for those adventurous types.

The newest of these, Maryland’s Ice Cream Trail, covers seven of Maryland’s finest creameries. Before you fill up the tank and put the car in drive, print out your passport to be stamped at each location. Submit your completed passport to Maryland’s Department of Agriculture for your chance to win free ice cream and other prizes.

A little further north is Connecticut’s Sundae Drives. The Nutmeg State’s trail covers close to forty of the state’s best places to get ice cream with each location categorized by the type of ice cream served.

While I would imagine that at least one of Connecticut’s ice cream shops serves up nutmeg ice cream to honor that state’s nickname, I’m hoping that isn’t the case for New Hampshire’s Ice Cream Trail. The Granite State’s trail features thirty-two of the state’s finest ice cream joints with none (crossing fingers here) offering rock based ice cream. Although, I’m pretty certain you can get Rocky Road if you ask nicely.

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