Happy National Ice Cream Day

Don’t forget to celebrate National Ice Cream Day today!

It’s National Ice Cream Day! It’s the one day of the year when everyone seems to be in a good mood. People pass each other on the street with greetings of, “Happy National Ice Cream Day” and “Have a great Ice Cream Day” or “Merry Ice Cream Day to you.” Carolers delight all with their ice cream songs while strolling by houses adorned with ice cream decorations. Kids go door-to-door dressed in ice cream costumes and are rewarded with ice cream treats. It’s the greatest day of the year.

This may happen in some alternate universe, but, sadly, not here. Still, National Ice Cream Day can be a pretty fantastic day. You don’t have to go crazy to celebrate it, but you can make it special. Visit your favorite ice cream parlor and try something different. Get an extra scoop, add those mix-ins you’ve always wanted to try, or treat yourself to a special ice cream dessert like a sundae, banana split or an ice cream cake. Celebrate with others and grab your office mates, friends or family for an impromptu ice cream party.

It doesn’t matter how you celebrate National Ice Cream Day as long as you celebrate it. It only comes once a year.

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1 Response to Happy National Ice Cream Day

  1. I sure wish everyday was ice cream day! I would always be in a good mood.

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