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Frozen Justice

For all you fledgling Joe Friday types, here’s your chance to win a lifelong supply of ice cream. All you have to do is find a delivery truck stolen from Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlour and Restaurant in Dania Beach, Florida. … Continue reading

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My Kind of Hamburger

How do you like your burger? Rare? Medium-rare? Well done? How about with a scoop of ice cream on top? If your answer was yes to that last question, you might want to visit the Indiana State Fair this month. … Continue reading

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A New Twist On The Ice Cream Truck

I’ve always been enamored with people who can take an old idea and update it in a clever way. So I tip my hat to the Greater Buckeye Lake Historical Society for their concept to raise funds for their association. … Continue reading

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Your Ice Cream Ship Has Come In

I was reading Dr. Seuss’ classic Green Eggs and Ham to my niece the other night. When I got to the part where Sam-I-Am tries to convince his reluctant friend to try the unappetizing dish on a boat, I immediately … Continue reading

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End of Summer

I made it back to Pleasant Valley just in time for Labor Day. September 6 marked the end of summer for most people and the end of my Summer of Ice Cream road trip. I’ll still be blogging. I just … Continue reading

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Win A Free Ice Cream Cake

Well, I’ve done a pretty poor job of letting everyone know that I’m giving out one free ice cream cake each week. I blogged about it once, and never again. For all of you who have missed out on your … Continue reading

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Atlanta Has Ice Cream

I was concerned that the citizens of Atlanta were suffering from an ice cream drought. First, Uncle Harry’s Ice Cream Cakes aren’t available here. While that is practically a catastrophe in anyone’s book, things looked worse for Atlantans after visiting … Continue reading

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