The United Kingdom’s Second Biggest Summer Event

The lone competitor in a different kind of summer games.

In 30 days, the United Kingdom will be the focus of the world as Olympic athletes begin competing in London’s 2012 games. In just 4 days (and 26 days before the Olympics), an Olympic-sized ice cream event takes place in Gloucester, England, thanks to British Chef Heston Blumenthal.

Earlier this year, I  wrote about reindeer ice cream Chef Blumenthal created for his Christmas special. Famous for his innovative cooking methods, the chef has starred in a string of television programs in which he exhibits his culinary artistry.

This Saturday, June 30, the chef will reveal a creation that he hopes will take the gold in the ice cream records book — the world’s biggest ice cream. The event will be filmed for one of his television shows and will include an examination of Britain’s love of ice cream.

The behemoth-sized ice cream will be served to those in attendance, so book your airfare now. You can stick around afterwards to catch Wimbledon and the Olympics. Of course, both will probably be a letdown after witnessing the world’s biggest ice cream.

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