How To Beat A Traffic Jam, Free Ice Cream and No Ice Cream

It’s always a good idea to have an ice cream truck around you when stuck in traffic.

Being stuck in traffic is never fun especially when it becomes a parking lot. Add high summer temperatures and you’ve got a recipe for misery. This was the case for motorists recently on a British highway. Fortunately for them, they didn’t have to wait long for relief.

No. Cars didn’t start moving. The driver of an ice cream van who was also stuck on the highway decided to open for business. A new jam formed as people quickly lined up at the van. Thankfully, that one moved rather quickly.

It’s free ice cream day today in Cleveland and Detroit. You can get free Moose Tracks ice cream today at Public Square in Cleveland as part of Denali’s 10,000 Scoop Challenge. In Detroit, Hudsonville Ice Cream is hosting the Hudsonville Summer Extravaganza where they will be scooping out free ice cream. If you get there between 11 and noon, you can have your ice cream scooped by Detroit Tigers’ Alex Avila.

In Long Island, families will have to go without ice cream as Nassau County is experiencing a shortage due to distribution problems. Thankfully, there is a solution for all those going without their favorite treat. Uncle Harry’s Ice Cream cakes can be found at the BJ’s Wholesale Club,  Brush Hollow Road.

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