Mad Ice Cream Scientist

Charlie Harry Francis.

The straight truth. Most of those wacky ice cream novelties out there are created to generate buzz. A business or manufacturer hopes to grab media attention for the brand which will translate to more sales.

There is one ice cream maker whose off-the-wall creations seem to be made just for the sake of making something new. British entrepreneur and ice cream experimenter, Charlie Harry Francis, seemed destined for the ice cream business. His father was an ice cream maker and his mom was a confectioner. However, not many could have predicted the spin he would put on creating ice cream.

The ice cream bowl

His business, “Lick Me, I’m Delicious,” caters events using a portable liquid nitrogen contraption he created with his half-brother. At first, his creations amounted to custom-made flavors like horseradish and roast beef ice cream served with mini Yorkshire pudding. Earlier this month, Mr. Francis created an ice cream masterpiece that is the very definition of thinking outside the box. Or, in this case, the bowl.

The project was a collaborative effort with potter David Jones. Together, they set out to make a bowl of ice cream with the bowl being the ice cream. The successful bowl was then photographed, so it could be reproduced later using a 3D printer.

I really love what this young man is doing with ice cream and look forward to see what he comes up with next.

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