Wild Ice Cream

Before I present my next installment of strange ice cream treats, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. Make certain to celebrate with your favorite chocolate ice cream treat.

Onward to the world of ice cream oddities with ice cream animals. I’m not talking about animals who love ice cream but ice cream shaped like animals. I found quite a few, but the strangest for me was the fish shaped ice cream treat. I just couldn’t imagine biting into it without expecting a fishy taste.

The ice cream fish by Korean ice cream company, Binggrae. Made with vanilla ice cream and red bean. I guess the “red” bean gives you that “I’m eating a real fish” experience.

I would feel a little guilty scooping into these seemingly helpless ice cream animals.

Do you eat bear-shaped ice cream or maul it?

For those who like their ice cream angry.

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