The Odd and Unusual In Ice Cream

Cereal Conez was a 2010 odd ice cream treat that didn’t quite connect with consumers.

I’m constantly trying to come up with new and exciting ideas for ice cream desserts. Some are so far out there, they never make it past the pen and paper stage. Then there are those that are great on paper, but aren’t so hot when I make a prototype. Some get killed because of logistical reasons. Others fall victim to circumstances beyond my control.

With my behind-the-scenes knowledge of what it takes to get an ice cream product to the store shelf, I’m often amazed at what does make it to market — especially when the product is fairly bizarre. And this ice cream season has gotten off to a more-than-fairly-bizarre start.

There are some wonderfully wacky ice cream products hitting stores and restaurants. I’ve found them and am going to share them with you. Follow my blog over the next couple of weeks as I reveal these weird products. And, no, I haven’t found a strange ice cream cake — yet.

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