From 0 to 100 In Ice Cream

I’ve read a number of stories this year about new ice cream businesses opening. Most fall into the category of a new ice cream parlor coming to a local mall or shopping district. However, there were two that stuck out for me.

I Scream, You Scream in Rustburg, Virginia and IceCream Floats on Fort Loudon Lake in Tennessee weren’t your run-of-the-mill ice cream stories. I Scream, You Scream opened a few weeks ago to the delight of the residents of Rustburg. Before the modest stand opened on U.S. 501, the town was an ice cream shop dead zone. If anyone wanted to grab a cone, they had to make a 22+ mile round trip to Lynchburg, Virginia. With today’s price of gas, that’s a pretty expensive ice cream treat.

IceCream Floats is kind of like an ice cream truck, but on the water. Last year I blogged about a similar operation, but I still find the concept very cool. The boat delivers treats to boaters along the Tennessee River while playing music just like an ice cream truck. The proceeds from ice cream sales helps various charities.

The low profile Wilcoxson’s turns 100.

An ice cream business that got its feet wet a century ago celebrates its 100th birthday this year. Wilcoxson’s in Billings, Montana, started in 1912 as a candy company before quickly transitioning to ice cream. Even though turning one hundred is a big deal, Wilcoxon’s is taking it all in stride. They’ve made up a logo and t-shirt to commemorate their anniversary. The slogan on the shirt reads “We’ve been stuck in a rut for 100 years making the best ice cream on earth.” If you want one of the shirts, you have to call the company directly. They won’t be offered in stores.

Happy birthday to Wilcoxson’s and good luck to I Scream, You Scream and IceCream Floats!

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