Ice Cream Festival and the Queen’s Festivities

The Utica Ice Cream Festival will be held on the grounds of Velvet Ice Cream.

If you’re scratching your head wondering how you’re going to spend this Memorial Day Weekend, I’ve got a whopper of an idea for you. Drive, fly or bike (only if you’re relatively close) to the 38th Annual Utica Old Fashioned Ice Cream Festival. Held each year in Utica, Ohio, the event features arts, crafts, exhibits, kids activities, a parade, and plenty of ice cream.

Does this person make you think of ice cream?

A slightly bigger party is happening on the other side of the Atlantic — the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. A wide range of festivities are planned to mark Queen Elizabeth II 6o years as queen, but there are some who have decided to celebrate the momentous event with ice cream.

The award-winning restaurant, Ronnies of Thornbury, is planning a five-course dinner with a featured dessert of Elderflower and Strawberry Jelly with Clotted Cornish ice cream. I have to expect that it will taste better than it sounds.

Churchfields Farmhouse Ice Cream is introducing The Queen’s Peach. As the name suggests, it’s peach flavored ice cream. Not to be outdone, chef Jacob Kenedy put his own spin on the ice cream that was invented for the Queen’s coronation banquet in 1953. Like the original version, the ice cream incorporates chicken and curry flavors and is supposed to be delicious. I’m just guessing here, but British taste buds must be calibrated differently than ours.

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