Scoop of Genius Award

Cleveland Cavaliers’ mascot Moondog in front of the ice cream truck with a couple of fans.

With spring here and summer closing in you’ve probably started to notice the sound of  ice cream trucks making the rounds in your neighborhood and at your kids’ games.

If you live in, or plan to visit, the greater Cleveland, Ohio, area, keep your eyes out for the Mr. iSee ice cream truck. Sales from Mr. iSee go to the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

The brainchild of the Cleveland Eye Clinic, Mr. iSee was recently unveiled at Cleveland’s VisionWalk. While this was the first event for the refurbished 1959 ice cream truck, it will be making appearances throughout the summer. Treats range from ice cream bars to ice cream sandwiches to popsicles and only cost a buck.

This was such a great idea that used ice cream for a good cause, I thought the Cleveland Eye Clinic deserved one of my Scoop of Genius awards. Congratulations to the Cleveland Eye Clinic. Keep up the good work!

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