Ice Cream Reward, Ice Cream Festival and Emergency Ice Cream Stop

The ice cream man.

The Ice Cream Reward. NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson sent ice cream to the entire school of Clara Love Elementary School in Justin, Texas  today. Mr. Johnson was keeping a promise he made in April when he visited the school for the “Speeding to Read” championship. He brought ice cream on that trip and was asked by a student if he would do it again. He said he would if they kept up their reading. All the students did, so he held up his end of the bargain. That just proves that ice cream is the ultimate motivator.

Ice Cream Festival. If you’re anywhere near Tuttle, Oklahoma this Saturday, make certain to stop in on the 21st Annual Tuttle Ice Cream Festival. There will be a car show, parade, petting zoo, pony rides, live entertainment, and, of course, plenty of ice cream. The festival begins at 10 a.m. and costs $1.50.

RAF pilots make an ice cream stop.

Emergency Ice Cream Stop. My favorite story of the week comes from Norfolk, England where a RAF search and rescue helicopter crew made an emergency landing like none other. It was a hot day and the crew had come down with a condition I’m quite familiar with — Extreme Ice Cream Craving Syndrome. The only known cure is to get some ice cream. So the pilots landed their helicopter on the beach, hopped out and made their way to Winterton Dunes Beach Cafe to undergo the prescribed treatment. With ice cream treats in hand, they boarded their craft to resume their workday. Thankfully for the crew, the landing was not against RAF regulations.

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