A Tiny Taste of Luxury

Skip that crystal covered car and get an ice cream cone instead.

I’ve always felt… strike that… known… I’ve always known that ice cream is, hands down, the best treat on the planet. For proof, you don’t have to look much further than the current recklessness of the world economy.

I recently blogged about the boom of the Italian gelato industry in spite of their economy. Now comes a report that United States ice cream sales are through the roof.

Why build that vacation home in Dubai when ice cream costs significantly less?

If you’re scratching your head as to the connection, stay with me just a bit longer. As I mentioned in the Italian blog, ice cream was once a luxury enjoyed only by those with Swiss bank accounts (or the 17th century equivalent). Thanks to technological advances, the cost of ice cream dropped dramatically through the years and is now an affordable treat for anyone.

Now take the current economy. It does a full gainer. People start cutting back on expensive luxuries. They buy costume jewelery instead of those 800 carat diamond necklaces. They don’t get that second yacht. Ferrari and Lamborghini dealerships start having a hard time making their quotas.

So, where do people turn to get their luxury fix? Ice cream. Even though it’s become commonplace, everyone still knows there is no other experience like it. Go ahead and see what I mean. Get some ice cream. Get a good lick. Now close your eyes. The joy you’re feeling is exactly the same as past kings, queens and presidents.

Try that with any other treat or, for that matter, a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Except don’t close your eyes with the Ferrari or Lamborghini. That may be bad. I doubt that any of those experiences will give you that same sense of luxury as ice cream.

So, go out there and get the best treat on earth and enjoy. You deserve a bit of luxury in your life.

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