90th Birthday For Ice Cream Van Man

Mr. Kelly with a group of satisfied customers.

Adam Kelly didn’t have to worry if there would be ice cream and music at his 90th birthday party — or on any other day for that matter.

Mr. Kelly is surrounded by ice cream treats and lively tunes every day he goes to work. You see, Mr. Kelly is an ice cream van man in Galashiels, Scotland. He began selling ice cream to Galashielsians…. Galashielslites… the good people of Galashiels back in 1964. Back then a cone cost about 6¢. Today it’s $1.95.

Before Mr. Kelly’s illustrious career as an ice cream man, he was in the army. During WWII, he was in Africa, Italy and France. He was part of a small group of soldiers who sneaked over enemy lines prior to the D-Day landings to bury ammunition for the allied troops. After the war, he took a job delivering milk before finding his way into the ice cream business.

Forty-eight years later (without taking a single sick day), he’s still at it. At 90, Mr. Kelly goes into the record books at Britain’s oldest ice cream van man. We hope to see Mr. Kelly setting a new record in 2022.

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