Food, Shelter, Clothing and Ice Cream

An Italian necessity.

It’s human nature. When times are tough, people cut back on expenses and focus on life’s necessities. Well, I’m happy to report that Italians consider ice cream a necessity. I always felt it was.

Even though Italy’s economy has hit a bit of a rough patch of late, Italians refuse to sacrifice their beloved gelato. According to the United Kingdom’s Guardian, Italian ice cream consumption has not seen a decrease. The average Italian family spends around $132 per year.

Quite honestly, the news didn’t surprise me. Ice cream, or in the case of Italians, gelato, is life’s affordable luxury. In the past, only royalty and the wealthiest enjoyed ice cream. It was a delicacy which US presidents served only on special occasions.

Now that it’s easier to produce, it seems more commonplace. That is until you get a cone (or an ice cream cake) and start enjoying what tastes like a vacation in your mouth. So, if the economy has you cutting back, go out and get some ice cream. It’ll be living the life of an English king.

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