Ice Cream Can Get You Fired

Kimi with his Ferrari.

Those familiar with Formula 1 racing may have heard of the Finnish racing driver, Kimi Raikkonen. Since I don’t follow the sport, I have not. It seems that he’s one of the best out there, yet that didn’t stop Ferrari from letting him go in 2009. The reason for his firing. An ice cream break.

One of the Formula 1 races is the Malaysian GP. Part way through the 2009 race, it started to rain heavily. The race was halted and showed no signs of letting up. Mr. Raikkonen decided it was as good a time as any to go grab an ice cream. Someone in the press captured it on video and played it over and over making light of the situation.

Kimi with his Lotus.

Ferrari wasn’t happy. They saw it as a lack of commitment to the team and released him from his contract. Personally, I see no problem with his sense of priorities.

Fast forward to March 26 of this year. Kimi Raikkonen is back at the Malaysian GP. This time he’s racing for Lotus. Once again, rain is on the horizon. So what does Mr. Raikkonen do? He sends out ice creams to the press corps along with a note reading, “Please enjoy this ice cream, I hope it leaves you refreshed and ready to enjoy the Malaysian Grand Prix.”

It appears Mr. Raikkonen’s last laugh was a sweet one.

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