Very Cold Ice Cream

A great location for an ice cream parlor.

Scientists have proven my theory that it’s never too cold to eat ice cream. The indisputable results were achieved without lab tests, double-blind studies, or, for that fact, any research whatsoever.

My long-held belief was proven very simply by scientists eating ice cream in Antarctica. When a New Zealand research expedition left for the subcontinent this February, a team member made certain to pack Giapo ice cream. The company concocted a special flavor just for the trip using organic apples and raw honey. A spokesperson for the team commented that, “It will be lucky to survive more than a few minutes.”

For those it’s-never-to-cold-to-eat-ice-cream skeptics out there, allow me to present exhibit B, or as I call it, “the smoking gun.” In November of 2011, a team of Australian researchers assembled in their Antarctic station for an ice cream eating competition. Each participant was provided a 2 liter tub of ice cream. The one to finish first was declared the winner.

Alright. Full disclosure. The Australian scientists were stationed on Macquarie Island which is halfway between Australia and Antarctica, but it can get kind of cold there.

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