Care For Some Meat Ice Cream, Mate?

One scoop or two?

From the land of the bilby, emu, and Koala comes another oddity: meat ice cream. Australian scientists are working hard to find a way to use meat protein in other foods — including ice cream.

So here’s the thinking behind this research. Some individuals have difficulty eating meat (think toddlers), so they aren’t getting enough protein. The solution: get that protein into your kids next scoop, and, voilá, you’ve got yourself a little Arnold Schwarzenegger. That is, if you can get your mini-body builder into the little tikes gym to do a few bench presses.

The researchers have been able to make a meat-based spaghetti, bread and, yes, a ginger-flavored ice cream. Even with these successes, they believe these meat based products won’t hit store shelves until around 2017.

I’m not certain if I’m too crazy about this idea, but I do love the thought of telling my nieces and nephews to “eat your ice cream so you can grow to be big and strong!”

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