Buy The Life Of A British Ice Cream Man

The Shop.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning an ice cream shop in an English coastal town, here’s your chance. For the modest sum of $1,070,115.56, you can step into the shoes of one Steve Graham — literally. The price basically includes his current life in Whitstable, Kent and nets you his ice cream business, his three bedroom cottage, a beach hut and a boat. I’m sure he’ll be willing to throw in the aforementioned shoes if you ask nicely.

Just imagine living in this trendy seaside village with just a four minute commute from your house to your ice cream shop, Sundae Sundae. After a hard week at work, take a day off and head to the beach. There’s no need to fight other beach goers for a spot on the sand because you have your very own wooden beach hut that faces the water of Tankerton Slopes. After a swim (wet suit suggested), head out into the sea in your dinghy and view your new acquisitions from the water. Don’t worry rowing your boat to exhaustion. It comes with an outboard motor!

The House

Still not convinced? Two of your neighbors will be well known TV celebrities Harry Hill and Faye Ripley. Well, they’re well known in Britain.

If becoming an ice cream shop owner in a popular seaside town sounds good to you, please hurry. Mr. Graham already has some serious parties interested in becoming the next Mr. Graham.

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One Response to Buy The Life Of A British Ice Cream Man

  1. Holly says:

    I’ll take it! 😀

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