Uncle Harry’s New Neighborhood

Price Chopper's founders, Ben and Bill Golub.

I’m thrilled to announce that Uncle Harry’s Ice Cream Cakes and Rolls can now be found in parts of New York, Pennsylvania and New England thanks to the supermarket company, Price Chopper. While we aren’t in all Price Choppers yet, Uncle Harry’s was part of the grand opening of a new Price Choppers in Binghamton, New York.

For those unfamiliar with the company, Price Choppers is a true immigrant success story.  Today’s Price Chopper got its first start in the early 1900s when Russian immigrant Lewis Golub grew his small dairy store into a wholesale grocery business. His wife and two sons, Ben and Bill, worked long hours in that store. Eventually, Ben and Bill would take their grocery experience and open the Public Service Market in 1932. It was the first one-stop store for Green Island, New York and became the blueprint for the modern grocery store. Due to its success, they wouldn’t have to wait long before opening their second store — a whole two months.

Uncle Harry's Ice Cream Cakes and Rolls in Price Choppers!

By 1933, the Golub Brothers opened their first Central Market store in Schenectady, New York based on the one-stop shopping concept of their Public Service Market. The chain continued to grow, open in new areas and was a leading innovator in the industry. Ben and Bill were part of many supermarket firsts: they were integral in founding the Supermarket Institute, their chain was one of the first to issue S&H Green Stamps, and Central Market was one of the first 24-hour grocery stores.

In 1972, the Golub family began looking at how they could save their customers more on groceries. This resulted in the chain dropping the Green Stamps, slashing prices and adopting the name “Price Chopper” to reflect their new strategy. It was a complete success.

Today, the children of the founders are running the operation. True to the Golub name, they are continually looking for ways to innovate their supermarket chain including scratch bakeries, custom meat shops, sushi dishes and more.

If you visit a Price Chopper and don’t see Uncle Harry’s products yet, give it some time. We’ll soon be in most stores!

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