Ice Cream Time Travel

Let me know if you have a long-standing ice cream parlor near you.

Where do you go to grab an ice cream cone? Is it one of the many ice cream chains? Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a neighborhood shop that serves up great ice cream and atmosphere. A scenario that’s a little less likely is one in which you head down to the local ice cream parlor that’s been around since before you were born.

As I was at my favorite ice cream shop the other day, I was wondering if those old ice cream parlors still exist. Thanks to my new tablet and the shop having wi-fi, I was able to quickly find an answer to my question. Though few and far between, there are some that are still around. I found ones that have been in operation since the 1950’s, 1940’s, 1930’s and before and will be blogging about them over the next couple of weeks.

Even though I found quite a few, I’d love to find more. If you know of one of these long-standing ice cream shops, please let me know. I’d love to include them in the blog.

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