I May Say Neigh To This Ice Cream

This proud animal should never be mistaken for a cow.

I think one of the greatest toys for a small child is Fisher-Price’s classic game See N Say Farmer Says. The child points the arrow at the barnyard animal, pulls the lever and the animal’s sound plays. “The cow says, ‘moo,’ the sheep goes, ‘baa baa,’ this is a pig, ‘oink, oink, oink, oink.”

When it comes to the roles livestock play, I have a similar thought process. The chicken gives eggs, the cow provides milk and the horse is for riding. It’s simple, but fairly accurate. My somewhat rigid thinking on what each animal can and cannot do recently received a rude jolt regarding the horse.

I’ve always understood that since the horse is a mammal, it produces milk. I just thought it was understood by all of humankind that its milk was to be used for the animal’s young or the occasional bar of soap. Apparently not. There are those out there who are milking horses, bottling the milk and selling it. And where you find milk, you’ll find someone who wants to use it to make ice cream. I was able to find one producer in Europe but came up short locating anyone who makes it in North America. I kind of hope it stays that way.

I don’t want to prejudice those who are willing to try horse’s milk or horse’s milk ice cream. It reportedly is flavorful and has health benefits. As for me, I’m going to find a nice quiet corner and repeat the words, “the horse says,‘neigh’, the horse says, ‘neigh’, the horse says, ‘neigh’.”

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