Ice Cream That Will Get Your Goat

As a kid, I loved watching cartoons on television. During those formative years, it was those very cartoons that first introduced me to the goat. My big takeaway from that experience was that a goat’s diet consisted of tin cans and anything metal. As I got older, I learned that the cartoons were a tad misleading. Talk to a goat fan, and you will learn that goats are grazers and will taste pretty much anything to see if its edible. Even after hearing this, I remained dubious.

For that reason, I have always been wary of eating products made with goat’s milk. I still thought of the old cartoons and feared I would digest a part of some old shoe or worse. I recently did an about face on this when I unknowingly ate an appetizer made with goat cheese at a party. I only found out after the host, who was aware of my avoidance of goat-related products, smiled the biggest smile and let me know what I just ate.

I must admit, I liked it. It turns out goat’s milk has a lot going for it. Goat’s milk is more easily digestible, contains less lactose, and is lower in carbohydrates than cow’s milk. The main reason America turns to the cow for its milk is the sheer volume and consistent output. A goat at its peak produces 3 to 4 quarts daily compared to the 6 gallons we get from a cow.

The main product made with goat’s milk is cheese, but there are companies turning to it for their ice cream. How does it taste? That depends on who you read. Some people swear by it while others can’t get past the “goaty” flavor. If your local supermarket doesn’t carry goat’s milk ice cream, you can make your own. However, I’m guessing that if your market doesn’t have goat’s milk ice cream, it probably won’t have goat’s milk.

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