Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, Have You Any Ice Cream?

Sheep's milk ice cream from New Zealand.

One of my nieces came to visit recently. She’s in the second grade and is a wealth of newly acquired knowledge — which she shared with me in depth. When she got to the subject of animal groups, she began to explain mammals which went something like this; “All mammals make milk and we get our milk from cows and that milk also makes ice cream which means you’ve got cows in your ice cream cakes. Ha ha ha ha ha!”

I then explained to her that ice cream can be made from other animals’ milk. For instance, there are ice cream companies in England that use sheep’s milk. Her face immediately contorted as if someone forced a brussel sprout into her mouth. “That’s disgusting! If I ever go to England, I’m not going to eat the ice cream.”

Now, I’ve never tasted sheep’s milk ice cream, but I have to imagine it’s somewhat better than what my niece was imagining. Sheep’s milk is commonly used for a variety of cheeses including Feta, Roquefort and Ricotta and is richer in minerals than cow’s milk. Before humankind turned to the cow, we got our milk from sheep.

The main reason cows became our chief source for milk is that they’re champion milk producers. This hasn’t stopped some companies from using sheep’s milk to make their ice cream. Typically, these companies are located in countries with a significant sheep population like England or New Zealand.

If you’re tempted to try sheep’s milk ice cream, don’t fork over the money for an overseas airline ticket. You can make sheep’s milk ice cream yourself with a fairly straightforward recipe. There’s just one tricky part. Finding a good source for sheep’s milk.

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1 Response to Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, Have You Any Ice Cream?

  1. rickeroad says:

    was your niece named Mary?…she might know a sheep or two

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