Wind Powered Ice Cream

Very large ice cream churners.

You can’t make ice cream without energy. If you’re making up a batch of homemade ice cream, that power typically comes from old fashioned elbow grease. But if you’re an ice cream manufacturer, you need electricity to run the equipment that makes your product.

Most manufacturers get their power the old fashioned way — they basically plug into the grid. Mackie’s of Scotland opted for a different route. Since Scotland is known to be quite windy, they installed wind turbines on their property to create the energy they needed — and more. Mackie’s uses around thirty percent of the electricity they generate and sells the excess to the local power company.

Mackie’s environmental efforts don’t just stop at using wind for power. The company also has zero water waste and has enacted practices on their land the help create safe habitats for local wildlife.

Due to Mackie’s environmental efforts and some pretty good ice cream, they received the Scottish Food & Drink Excellence Award in 2007.

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