Happy Trivia Day

Break out the Trival Pursuit game. It's Trivia Day!

Here, at Uncle Harry’s, we’re always looking for special occasions so we can celebrate with Uncle Harry’s Ice Cream Cakes. Today, I’ve found a humdinger. Warm up the vocal chords, grab the ice cream cake, fire up the candles and get ready to sing “Happy Trivia Day!”

In honor of Trivia Day, here’s some ice cream trivia.

•America’s per capita consumption of ice cream reached an all-time high of 23 pounds per person in 1946.

•Vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor. Chocolate is second. Strawberry gets the bronze.

•More men than women fess up to licking the ice cream bowl. Thirteen percent to eight. Count me in!

•Immigrants entering through Ellis Island received vanilla ice cream upon entering America.

•On average, it takes over 50 licks to eat an ice cream cone.

•One of the most important components for ice cream is air. Without it, the ice cream would be hard as ice.

•Get your vitamins with ice cream! Ice cream has vitamins A and B and some C.

I hope everyone enjoys Trivia Day!

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One Response to Happy Trivia Day

  1. rickeroad says:

    I always knew ice cream HAD to be good for you! Besides making you smile, making up after a fight, settling your stomach, I could keep going!

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