The Ice Cream Lover Gift Guide

When I started this blog series on gifts for the ice cream lover in your life, I poked fun at the thought of giving a sweater as a present. So, what I’m about to suggest may come across as a bit of a reversal. This holiday, think about giving a sweater.

1. Knit A Sweater. If you’re skilled at knitting, knit an ice cream themed sweater. It’s a great gift for any ice cream lover. Not only does the recipient get a sweater that shouts “I love ice cream,” but it is made by your own two hands. I can’t speak for everyone, but I love handmade gifts. A little searching online will result in numerous ice cream patterns for your sweater.

2. Buy A Sweater. OK, so you’re not a knitter or you just don’t have the time. That’s okay. There are plenty of ice cream themed sweaters out there. Granted, some are a bit…how do I say this…hideous, but there are some real gems out there too. It may take a little digging to find just the right sweater if your recipient is an adult. It’s far easier to find great designs for kids.

3. Ice Cream Sweatshirt. While not technically a sweater, a sweatshirt still keeps your ice cream lover warm. I’ve also noticed that there are far more ice cream themed designs available for sweats than sweaters. There’s something for every taste from fun to funky to simple to outrageous. You can also visit your ice cream lover’s favorite ice cream shop to see if the store offers branded tees or sweats.

4. Pint Sweater. The human body is 98.6 degrees. When you press that warm hand up against the outside of a pint of ice cream, you’re just asking for the ice cream to melt. By the time one gets to the bottom of that pint, it’s a gooey mess. To help combat this nagging problem, try an ice cream sweater. It helps protect your precious ice cream against the onslaught of warmth from your hand.

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