Gift Guide For Ice Cream Lovers

Are you still stumped as what to get your ice cream lover for the holidays? Never fear, I’m here with another gift suggestion! This gift is for the ice cream lover who already has everything. They have the ice cream maker, the specialty ice cream bowls, the fancy ice cream scoop and just about everything else one needs for their own home ice cream parlor. One thing that’s probably still not in their house is an ice cream cone waffle maker. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who already makes their own ice cream.

1. Chef’s Choice Waffle Cone Maker. Get ready for delicious waffle cones with this waffle cone maker. At around $50, it makes one cone at a time and has a dial control that allows you to adjust the lightness or darkness of your cone. The nonstick surface is perfect for releasing the cone and easy cleanup. The Chef’s Choice Waffle Cone Maker also includes a cone roller and recipes.

2. Bella Cucina Waffle Cone Maker. The features of this waffle cone maker are very similar to that of Chef’s Choice; non-stick surface, cone roller and recipes. It also comes in around $30 cheaper. That said, the online reviews vary for this product. There are those who love it while others don’t recommend it. It may be worth spending the extra money on the highly reviewed Chef’s Choice.

3. Chef’s Choice Petite Cone Express. This is another product from Chef’s Choice. The petite cone maker makes 3 small sugar cones at once. Like the waffle cone maker, it has a non-stick surface, a cone for rolling and recipes. It also comes in around $50. Reading the online reviews, be prepared to roll your three cones quickly. If you take your time rolling the first one, the other two will cool too much to be rolled into a cone shape.

4. Gold Medal Giant Waffle Cone Iron. If you’re not limited by a budget and have an ultra serious ice cream maker on your hands, this is the waffle cone maker for you. At around $600, this waffle cone maker features an 8″ wide aluminum cooking surface, electronic controls, cone roller and a batter drip tray for easy cleanup.

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