Gift Guide For Ice Cream Lovers

Are you still hunting for gift ideas for the ice cream fanatic in your life? No problem. I’m still finding some neat and unique ideas. Today’s suggestions are great for anyone who makes homemade ice cream or looking for a more upscale way to serve it. I’ve found a variety of ice cream containers that are a step above the supermarket variety.

1. Williams-Sonoma Ice Cream Server. This two quart container is great for both storing and serving ice cream. The attractive white-glazed earthenware container is safe for freezing and thick enough to keep the ice cream cold while you dish out servings. It comes with a matching earthenware lid.

2. Zak Ice Cream Keeper. The cool (pun alert) feature of this ice cream container is its freezable gel lid. When frozen, the lid helps keep the ice cream cold while sitting on your counter. At room temperatures, the ice cream can stay cold for about an hour. The container itself is foam-core insulated and comes in a variety of colors.

3. Carlisle Coldmaster Ice Cream Shroud. This container is for the ultra serious ice cream fan. The stainless steel, restaurant quality container holds 3-gallon ice cream tubs and has a high-impact ABS plastic lid. Due to the size and price, this gift really is just for those who are serious about their homemade ice cream.

4. Collectibles. If your gift recipient is into collecting, consider a vintage ice cream container. Most of these are made of cardboard, feature nostalgic packaging designs, and look great on anyone’s display shelf.

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