Gift Guide For Ice Cream Lovers

The ice cream sandwich has been around for over one hundred years, but the rectangular shaped version we all know and love was invented by Jerry Newberg in 1945 who sold them at Pittsburgh’s Forbes Field.

These days, getting an ice cream sandwich is a no-brainer. You run down to the local grocer or convenience store and grab one. For the true ice cream lover, there is another option. Make one. I’ve found a few ice cream sandwich makers that do the trick and make a unique and fun gift for the holidays.

Nostalgia Electrics Ice Cream Sandwich Maker. This is the complete ice cream sandwich maker with all the equipment you need to make round and rectangular sandwiches. For around $30 you get a grill to cook up the tops and bottoms and molds to form your sandwich. The grill has two round and two rectangle forms and there are two round and two rectangle plastic sandwich molds.

Kitchen Art and Cuisipro Ice Cream Sandwich Makers. Both of these ice cream sandwich makers are similar in function.  Form your sandwich by placing a cookie into a canister, adding your ice cream, adding another cookie, and pressing everything together. Kitchen Art’s ice cream sandwich maker comes with an ice cream scoop and the canister for making your sandwiches while Cuisipro’s maker creates triangular ice cream sandwiches.

Wilton Ice Cream Sandwich Pan. This is the low tech solution to making ice cream sandwiches. Wilton has two versions of this pan, one for rectangles and one for rounds. Both nonstick ice cream pans have 12 cavities for your tops and bottoms and comes with recipes for brownie and blondie ice cream sandwiches.

You can always make your own ice cream sandwich and give them away as gifts. There are plenty of great recipes online. Just don’t write “Don’t Open ‘Til Christmas” on the gift tag. Your ice cream lover may not appreciate the gooey mess under the tree.

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