Gift Guide for Ice Cream Lovers

If you’re looking for gift ideas for the ice cream lover in your life, you’re in luck. During the holidays, I’m offering my ice cream themed gift guide.

To start things off, I’m going with the ice cream scoop. Forget the standard scoop you keep in your kitchen drawer. These scoops are for the true ice cream connoisseur.

Cuisipro Scoop & Stack Ice Cream Scoop. At just $15, the Cuisipro can dig into the hardest ice cream – at least that is what the website states. When it comes to the ice cream shape coming out of the scoop, think drum more than ball. This may look a little odd sitting on top of a cone, but does allow for some cool stacking options if you want to dress up your nightly ice cream dish.

OXO Ice Cream Scoop. The people at OXO have become famous for their ergonomically designed kitchen utensils. Their scoop features their Good Grips handle for comfort, a thin tip for easy insertion into frozen ice cream and a non-sticking coating to help release your ice cream. To help the ice cream along, this OXO scoop comes with a neat little ejector button.

Henckels Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop. This scoop may not have the bells and whistles of the Cuisipro or OXO’s scoops, but it has style. With a handsome design and  pure stainless steel construction, you’ll never want to hide this one away in the utensil drawer. Add to that Henckels reputation for quality products, and your ice cream lover will have a scoop that should last a lifetime.

Vintage Ice Cream Scoop. Add a little nostalgia to your gift by giving a vintage ice cream scoop. What your gift lacks in state-of-the-art features will be up for with a certain “wow” factor. A little hint when getting a vintage scoop. Try to get one that was out when the gift recipient was a child. The gift will likely bring back fond childhood memories as opposed to the confused look you’d probably get by giving a twenty-something a circa 1950 scoop.

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