The Ice Cream Lover Gift Guide

Does anyone really need another sweater this holiday season?

The holidays have arrived which means it’s time to spread a little joy. “Joy” being code for “gifts.” If you’re like me, gift giving is no small task.

Each year I stare at a list filled with nieces and nephews wondering what to get each one. Something inside me screams “sweaters and mittens for everyone!” While it may be tempting to follow my inner voice, I really want my presents to reflect the interests of the recipient. Now, if someone’s interest is staying warm, then sweaters and mittens make the perfect gift. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case.

Determining what someone’s into can take a little work. On more than one occasion I’ve drawn a blank. Even after I figure out a person’s interest, I’m often stumped as to what to give. When this happens, I scour the web for ideas. There always seems to be someone who has put together a gift list just for me.

I’m so thankful that people have gone to the effort of putting together those lists I thought I would return the favor. This holiday season, I’m going to blog about gift ideas for ice cream lovers. If you have a die hard ice cream connoisseur in your life, check out my blog during December. You may find just the right gift to give.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even find ice cream themed sweaters and mittens.

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