A New Thanksgiving Dessert

Start a new Thanksgiving tradition with an Uncle Harry's Ice Cream Roll.

It’s time to start a new tradition this Thanksgiving. Instead of serving up the standard pumpkin pie, or worse, mincemeat, try an Uncle Harry’s Ice Cream Roll.

Right about now, a lot of you are thinking, “wow, that does sound good, but who am I to break a tradition?” My answer to you: a bona fide trendsetter! Did you know that eel was served at the very first Thanksgiving (and probably subsequent Thanksgivings). But somewhere along the way, someone stood up and said, “instead of eel this year, try this new dish I call stuffing.”

Whoever that person was didn’t just succeed in ridding our Thanksgiving feasts of eel, they provided us with a far superior replacement.

So this Thanksgiving, you have a choice. You can eat the insides of a pumpkin disguised as pie or start a new tradition with an Uncle Harry’s  Ice Cream Roll. I have five flavors from which to choose, and, in case you were wondering, not one of them is pumpkin.

Just think of your place in Thanksgiving history. Sometime in the future a little boy will ask his mom, “Did you know people once ate pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dessert instead of Uncle Harry’s Ice Cream Rolls?” Which the mother will reply, “Well thank heavens for the person who put a stop to that!” And that person will be you.

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2 Responses to A New Thanksgiving Dessert

  1. rickeroad says:

    I live across the street from a canning company that just spent the last 4 months 24/7 canning pumpkins for pies this thanksgiving. I like the idea, but I probably won’t shout it from the roof top – yet!

  2. Uncle Harry says:

    No, you better not – they may run you out of town. But, you gave me something exciting to think about: Uncle Harry’s production plant dedicating 4 months 24/7 to produce Ice Cream Rolls just for Thanksgiving. We can all dream!

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