Scoop of Genius

Treat Dreams, our first official "Scoop of Genius" award winner.

Treat Dreams in Ferndale, Michigan, is my first official entry in my “Scoop of Genius Awards.” No prizes are given, but I do provide a very glowing blog.

Treat Dreams  came up with one of those ideas that, when you read about it, causes you to hit yourself in the head while exclaiming, “why didn’t I think of that?” The idea is so simple, yet genius.

Treat Dreams has created their Kids Winter Break Ice Cream Camp for kids 8-16. This is the perfect place to drop off your kids while you knock out some holiday shopping. This really comes in handy if you need to shop for those individuals you’re dropping off at camp.

The camp costs $35 for a three-hour session where your kid will design and make his or her own ice cream flavor. There is also a team competition where the teams’ flavors are offered for sale the next day. The camp runs from December 19-23 and December 26-30 with two sessions each day.

Congratulations to Treat Dreams for being the first “Scoop of Genius” award winner! While there are no plaques, statues or awards of any type, may I suggest eating a celebratory bowl of ice cream?

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