The Coolest Job On Earth

Imagine getting paid to taste ice cream.

What do you think is the best job in the world? Pro athlete? Hollywood star? Wealthy entrepreneur? Wrong, wrong and wrong. John Harrison has the greatest job ever, hands down. John gets paid for tasting ice cream.

John Harrison is the official ice cream tester for Dreyer’s and Edy’s. So, basically, his day goes something like this. He gets up, drinks a cup of tea to cleanse his palate, drives to work, clocks in, starts tasting ice cream, breaks for lunch (more ice cream?), goes back to tasting ice cream, clocks out and drives home. I am officially envious.

Over his career, John has put his taste buds to work sampling more than 180 million gallons of ice cream. Those little buds are so important to Dreyer’s that they are insured for one million dollars.

Right about now, you may be thinking that it’s time to switch careers and become an ice cream tester. If so, get ready to go back to school because you’re going to need a college degree. No, you won’t be majoring in ice cream tasting. You’ll need to study food science, business or chemistry. You’ll also want to learn everything you can about ice cream and take care of you palate. That means no cigarettes, alcohol or spicy foods.

If you do become a taste tester, let me know. I have a nephew who sells insurance and would be happy to get you a policy for your taste buds.

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One Response to The Coolest Job On Earth

  1. rickeroad says:

    I guess I’m out…I like way too much hot sauce on my wings!

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