Ice Cream Education

Gelato University in Bologna, Italy

Earlier in the fall, I blogged about university creameries across America. These on-campus creameries produced and sold their own ice cream while providing students with an education on the business of everyone’s favorite treat.

Of course, the ice cream program is just one of many offered at each of the universities. But what if you’re someone who just wants to study ice cream and nothing but ice cream? If you’re just such a person, there’s a school for you.

The university even has a working gelato stand serves the population of Bologna.

Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, Italy is the premier institution for learning all things gelato. OK, gelato is ice cream’s cousin, but Gelato University is the place to learn how to make it. Here students learn how to make gelato, open a gelato business, marketing, management and, well, all things gelato.

Gelato University has proven popular to an international audience. Students come from across the globe from places like Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Madagascar and others. If you can’t make the trip to Italy, don’t worry, Gelato University now offers online and video courses. My recommendation would be to somehow find a way to make the trip. Imagine learning to make gelato while visiting Bologna, Italy. To borrow a phrase of my 9-year-old nephew, that would be a “totally double awesome bonus.”

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