Win A Treat This Halloween

Have the coolest costume this Halloween. Go as ice cream.

Halloween may fall on Monday this year, but I have a feeling the festivities will start tonight. Over the next four evenings, you can bet that there will be Halloween parties, kids’ events, and the big night itself.

Four nights of Halloween gives you an opportunity for four different costumes. Make one ice cream in some shape or form and you could win one of my ice cream rolls. Dress up as an ice cream cone, ice cream sandwich, sundae or whatever ice cream treat you like. Take a picture and send it to me. The best ice cream sandwich wins an Uncle Harry’s Ice Cream Roll.

Bring Uncle Harry to your Halloween festivities for your chance to win 5 Free Ice Cream Rolls.

You can win 5 Uncle Harry Ice Cream Rolls if you celebrate Halloween with Uncle Harry. It’s the annual Halloween edition of Uncle Harry’s Cartoon Face Contest. Get a picture of Uncle Harry at your Halloween event or on Halloween night and send it my way for your chance to win 5 of my ice cream rolls. We have four new exciting flavors to join our chocolate and vanilla roll, so you can get one of each!

However you choose to celebrate the big day, please be safe and keep your kids safe while they trick-or-treat.

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