For Those Halloween Do-It-Yourselfers

This cone is actually easier to make than it looks.

I know your type. Others may buy a costume for Halloween, but not you. You would rather make one with your own two hands. I respect that. There’s a special inner reward for doing it yourself. Especially when your costume is ice cream.

This cone takes a little more skill.

The difficulty level in creating your own ice cream costume ranges from “Easy as Pie” to “Martha Stewart Would Be Envious.” It’s up to you what you want to take on. There are a variety of ice cream themed costumes out there for both kids and adults. I’ve found a number of these and provided links to their instructions.

A great costume for both kids and adults.

My absolute favorite of these is the ice cream truck. While I’m blown away by the creativity, I really like how this costume reverses the roles. Instead of handing treats out, this ice cream truck takes them in on Halloween night.

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