The End

Uncle Harry's Ice Cream Rolls top to bottom. Chocolate & Vanilla. Cookies 'n Cream. Mocha Mud. Peanut Butter Cup. Strawberry Shortcake.

The end of my series about ends ends with an end we all look forward to: The Weekend. Most nine to fivers can’t wait for it to arrive and are overjoyed when it does. Waiting for the weekend typically means going through some type of ritualistic weekly countdown.

Mine goes something like this.

Monday. I’m in mourning as I grieve the passing of the previous weekend.

Tuesday. I accept that it’s the workweek and weekends are nowhere to be found.

Wednesday. Hump day; I can get just a glimpse of the next weekend. Some may notice an extra bounce in my step.

Thursday. I start getting that tingling feeling knowing I’m just a day away.

Friday. The official start of the weekend. Externally, you won’t notice anything different about me. Inside, its euphoric pandemonium.

If you have similar feelings about weekends, may I be so bold as to suggest celebrating this great end with another — the end of one of my ice cream rolls. Of course, you’ll need to get a whole roll. Just make certain you get an end slice. That’s where you’ll find an abundance of cookie crunch coating. There are five different ends (and rolls) to enjoy so you have a choice on the end to enjoy to bring a great end to any weekend.

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