Round Five

The end of a bag of chips contains the least desirable pieces.

There’s a lot of ends we just don’t like. There’s standing in the end of a line, the heel of a loaf of bread, being at the end of your wits and reaching a dead end. One that’s particularly annoying to me is the end of a bag of chips.

I can’t begin to count the times when I went to the pantry to engage in a little chip action only to find a mostly empty bag. Not one full chip anywhere. Just chip pieces. If I’m lucky, I’m able to pick up the tiny pieces with my finger and thumb. Mostly, I resort to licking them off my fingers to satisfy my craving. The enjoyment experienced is something akin to mining for huge gold nuggets only to find gold dust.

The end slice of my Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Roll is loaded with vanilla cookie crunch.

A much different experience is getting the end of an Uncle Harry’s Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Roll. The entire ice cream roll is delicious; rich premium ice cream marbled with strawberry and coated top-t0-bottom and end-to-end with vanilla cookie crunch. The end slices, however, give a little something extra — more vanilla cookie crunch. This is where you’ll find vanilla cookie crunch in every single bite. If I can stay with my mining analogy just a little longer, this is like hitting the vanilla cookie crunch motherload.

Once you finish your slice of strawberry shortcake ice cream roll, you may find that a few pieces of cookie crunch have fallen off the roll onto your plate. Go ahead. Use your fingers to pick them up. Lick them off. You’ll find it’s a much more rewarding experience than trying to eat those tiny potato chip pieces.

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