Round Four

It's little wonder this type of end is used to describe jobs and relationships that go nowhere.

In the long list of ends to avoid, the dead end must be in most people’s top five. Thanks to well placed signage, we’re rarely snagged by dead ends these days. There are those instances, though, when we just run out of road. This isn’t the warm, friendly, gently curving cul-de-sac. This is a single-lane, straight-sided dead-end with angry, cavernous ditches on either side.

To exit the dead end, some people will put their car into reverse and drive the full length of the street backwards. This is great on a straight-away, but not recommended for winding roads. The bravest among us will attempt the nerve-racking tactic of turning the car around right then and there. The suggested method is to execute this 180 in bits so as to not let either ditch lay claim to the vehicle.

Either method, no matter how properly performed, is an exasperating experience.

With premium coffee ice cream marbled with rich chocolate fudge and loaded with chocolate cookie crunch, this is one end you just can't avoid.

A much more pleasant end is the end of an Uncle Harry’s Mocha Mud Ice Cream Roll. If you ever find yourself at the end of this ice cream roll, you’ll never wonder how the heck you’re going to get out of it. Instead, you’ll plow right in. This is the slice with the superabundance of chocolate cookie crunch. Every slice before the end slice was great, with rich chocolate fudge marbled with premium coffee ice cream and topped with chocolate cookie crunch. But eating the end slice means you’re practically guaranteed chocolate cookie crunch in every bite.

With the victory of my Mocha Mud Ice Cream Roll over dead ends, that brings the tally up to 4 for ice cream roll ends, 0 for other ends.

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