The Other Cougar Ice Cream

The other Cougar Ice Cream

Yes, I am blogging about Cougar ice cream again. No, it’s not another rant about Washington State University trumpeting their creamery’s cheese while barely mentioning their ice cream.

This is the other Cougar ice cream. The Brigham Young University Cougar ice cream. The ice cream that gets top billing over all other creamery products (take note WSU).

Brigham Young University’s creamery got its start in 1949 processing milk from the college’s dairy. Soon after it started making ice cream, offering quart containers for less than a quarter.

Before I move forward, I feel a bit of clarification is needed. If you visit Provo, Utah and see stores around town with the name BYU Creamery, this isn’t where the ice cream is made. The ice cream is made on campus. The ice cream is sold in the BYU Creamery stores. The ice cream is also sold on campus at the creamery there.

I’m not sure if I really cleared things up much, but it is time to move on.

These days, BYU’s ice cream is a campus favorite and extremely popular at their football games with ice cream consumption at around 180 gallons per home game. One of BYU’s most anticipated home games this year will be against Utah State — an in-state rival in football and ice cream.

The Utah State Aggies are also known for making a pretty mean ice cream. Of course, each university claims to have the better tasting ice cream, but I’m not aware of any head-to-head match-up producing a clear-cut winner.

With any rivalry, claims and accusations are thrown around. One is that the top-selling flavors at each university reflect the personalities of the campus population. Number one flavor for Utah State is their Aggie Blue Mint while LaVell Vanilla gets top honors at BYU. I’ve never been one to be able to determine one’s personality from ice cream preference, so I’ll leave this one to the experts.

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