Cougar Ice Cream

Note to WSU, none of these images show students enjoying a can of Cougar Cheese.

Cheese. I like cheese. I enjoy it on sandwiches, on my omelet, and as the sidekick to Mac, but does it deserve star billing over ice cream? I think you know my answer.

I’m completely dumbfounded as to why Washington State University’s creamery does just this. WSU raves on and on and on about their canned cheese, but gives only a passing mention to their Ferdinand’s Ice Cream. Apparently, the ice cream is good stuff. It’s billed as gourmet. It gets rave reviews from the shop’s customers. It deserves a bit of ballyhoo.

Then why does the WSU website go on and on about their Cougar Cheese? Perhaps its due to the awards the cheese has won. Yes, WSU, you should be proud of those accomplishments. You should mention them on your website. Should you do so at the expense of your ice cream? NEVER!

The school website only gives a one-sentence description of the ice cream shop which lists what the store sells. And get this. The very last item listed is “award winning Cougar Cheese.” Even in the one sentence dedicated to their ice cream, they plug their cheese.

WSU, take pride in your ice cream. It’s apparent that it’s a favorite on your campus. Consider this. Never in the history of WSU has one of your students said to another, “hey, let’s run down to Ferdinand’s and munch down on a can of Cougar Cheese.” No, they go there for the ice cream.

Seize the day! Take that one sad sentence about your ice cream and expand it. Let us know how it’s made. Tell us the history of your ice cream. Let us know that you are as proud of your tasty ice cream as you are of that less significant dairy product — cheese.

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2 Responses to Cougar Ice Cream

  1. Cougforlife says:

    Here’s a better one: Ferdinands closes at 4 p.m. daily so they don’t compete with the local businesses (hint, the local business has 31 flavors). Ferdinands should stay open until people stop coming instead of forcing people to go without (who would go have the lesser ice cream when they can wait until Ferdinands opens the next day). They should be packing and selling this stuff, at least in the northwest where a large number of alumni live and crave thin lizzy ice cream at midnight in Portland.

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