Mustang Ice Cream

Cal Poly's ice cream.

Can I interest you in a scoop of California Polytechnic State University Ice Cream? How about some ice cream from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Creamery? While neither of these names are quite as catchy as North Carolina State’s Howling Wolf Ice Cream and Utah State’s Aggie Ice Cream, Cal Poly’s ice cream does appear to be a favorite with some very important taste buds. In addition to being on the History Channel’s Modern Marvels, Cal Poly San Luis Obsipo Ice Cream was featured at a Capital Hill social.

The Cal Poly creamery has long been a part of Cal Poly’s dairy science program, one of the largest in the nation. Started in 1903, the creamery originally focused on making cheese. Somewhere along the way, Cal Poly added ice cream to their list of products.

The Capital Hill social which featured Cal Poly's ice cream with Alabama Representative Robert Aderholt on the left.

Like North Carolina State and Utah State, Cal Poly has its own herd of dairy cows. These girls are responsible for the milk used in the school’s ice cream. The creamery — part teaching laboratory and part production plant — is where students learn all aspects of dairy production. If you’re not a student, don’t fret. The college also has classes open to the public in Frozen Dairy Dessert Manufacturing.

Now, I’ve never tasted this particular brand of ice cream, but I’m sure it’s quite delicious. May I be so humble as to suggest renaming it to be a bit snappier. Something to do with the school seems appropriate. For instance, Cal Poly’s mascot is the mustang. How about Galloping Ice Cream? OK, I see the inherent flaw in that name. Let’s try Stallion Ice Cream? Hmmm. There’s a bit of room for misinterpretation in that one.  Let’s go with the school’s colors, green and gold and name it Golden Green Ice Cream?

You know what? Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is sounding better and better.

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