Aggie Ice Cream

The original Utah State creamery.

As far as university creameries go, Utah State has one of the oldest. The original Utah State Creamery was located in the “Old Main” building from 1888 to 1918. At first, the creamery focused on butter and cheese, but in 1920 the university purchased equipment to manufacture ice cream. Aggie Ice Cream was born.

In 1921, Gustav Wilster came to Utah State’s school and revolutionized the school’s dairy department. His efforts resulted in students gaining a greater understanding of dairy production, manufacturing, and, much more importantly, how to make a higher quality ice cream.

Aggie Ice Cream!

Today, the creamery is located in Utah State’s Nutrition and Food Sciences Building where visitors can enjoy over 25 flavors including Aggie Bull Tracks.

While Aggie Ice Cream is a favorite with students, a past Korean USU student appears to be the biggest fan. He acquired such an affection for Aggie Ice Cream during his time at the university that he devised a way to bring it back to his native country. With South Korean backers, he opened Aggie Korea Co., LTD. In 2004, the company was purchased by South Korea’s electronics company, Electroland. Now the ice cream is known as “Munakee Shalle.” Apparently, Aggie means “cute, healthy baby” in Korean. I guess everyone loves the look and smell of a cute, healthy baby, but the taste may be offputting.

Aggie Ice Cream also has the distinction of being the first ice cream to go in space. This was in large part thanks to USU’s Aerospace Technologies Department. I did a bit of digging on this, but couldn’t find any other information. I’m dying to know more facts. If you know anything like dates, flavors….ANYTHING, please let me know.

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