Wolfpack Ice Cream

NC State's Howling Cow Ice Cream

Some may think “The Howling Cow” is an odd name for an ice cream brand. I did when I first heard about it. Then I learned the ice cream was made on the campus of North Carolina State — home of the “Wolfpack.”

The Howling Cow ice cream has been made by NC State since 1968. The university’s  creamery, however, is a more recent addition. In 2009, the creamery opened in the university library and began offering cones, milkshakes and sundaes to students, faculty and staff.

The future home of the Howling Cow creamery.

The future home of the Howling Cow creamery.

The ice cream is the result of a very elaborate teaching process. The milk comes from the Holsteins and Jerseys on NC State’s Dairy Research and Training Farm. Here students learn the ins and outs of dairy farming including milking, breeding, herd management and agricultural education.

The milk is then processed at NC State’s Dairy and Food Education Center where it becomes the famous Howling Cow ice cream. The center is a real hub of food Einsteins where students learn to apply chemistry, engineering, microbiology and other studies to improve the quality of our foods.

The Dairy and Food Education Center is also the future home of the creamery where ice cream lovers can get an education along with their scoop of vanilla. Plans call for live video feeds of the production plant, interactive exhibits and information on North Carolina’s dairy industry.

It’s good to know the future of ice cream is in such good hands…and minds.

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