Another Ice Cream World Record Attempt

Campers with their attempt at the longest ice cream sundae.

There are two things I really love. You’ve probably guessed ice cream is first on that list. The second is world records. Combine the two, and I’m just plain ol’ giddy.

I bet I’ve blogged about every ice cream world record there is; the most expensive ice cream maker, the fastest ice cream maker, the most scoops of ice cream on a single cone, the longest banana split, the most people licking ice cream at once, the largest vanilla ice cream float, the World’s Longest Ice Cream Dessert, the tallest whip, and the ice cream sundae that set the record as the most expensive dessert.

This latest ice cream world record attempt was by the Briarwood Day Camp in Buckingham, Pennsylvania. Their chances looked good based on the campers’ history. Last year they set the record for “Largest Game of Gaga Ball.”

With 42 gallons of vanilla ice cream, 18 cans of whipped cream, 21 bottles of chocolate syrup and 4 gallons of maraschino cherries, the campers set out to break the world record. In the end, their sundae was 314.5 feet long. If this attempt is verified by the people at Guinness, the Briarwood sundae will not only beat out the current record for a sundae at 150 feet, but also the world’s longest ice cream dessert of 150 feet.

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